Hi, I’m Chanda, a mom, Ph.D. candidate, and yoga teacher based in Oakland, CA. I began practicing yoga over 20 years ago and it changed the course of my life!

As a movement specialist with a deep background in yoga therapy, pre/postnatal yoga, body mechanics, wellness coaching, massage, meditation, and advanced training in trauma-informed yoga practices, I offer a somatics-based, mindfulness-based approach to cultivating healthy self-awareness. My practice continued as I studied additional modalities, such as Swedish massage, Sports Massage, Authentic Movement, and Laban Movement Analysis, which is a method for describing, visualizing, and interpreting all the ways humans move. 

In my past life, I worked as a mechanical engineer and designed auto engines, missiles, and space systems. And while I still love math as well as exploring the cosmos through a telescope with my 9-year-old daughter, I found that exploring my inner space — body awareness, mindfulness, and the intrinsic capacity of the heart to heal and transform pain — really set my soul on fire!

I began teaching yoga in 2004 and pursued graduate school to cultivate a deeper understanding of health, healing, and well-being. I designed and managed award-winning corporate wellness programs for Fortune 100 companies for several years. Now my work is focused on group Hatha and Vinyasa yoga, workshops, and retreats as well as individual yoga therapy for people with injuries or chronic health conditions.

With a grateful heart, I was introduced to the community of teachers offering yoga and mindfulness meditation to incarcerated populations in 2008. I taught yoga in the San Francisco County jail for two years prior to joining Prison Yoga Project in 2015. Since that time, I have offered a weekly yoga class at San Quentin State Prison. Committed to teaching yoga for health and social transformation, I am currently in a doctoral program focusing on somatic depth psychology and researching evidence-based practices to heal trauma through mindful movement, breathing techniques, and meditation. 



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